Minimalists Rejoice: Nokia Re-release Classic 6310 Phone For 20th Anniversary And It Still Has The Snake Game On It

New Delhi: Nokia has rolled out a new version of its classic 6310 phone to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The ‘iconic’ old-school phone that earned the reputation of being ‘indestructible’ in the 90s is back, featuring a few new specs and all of the old favourites – including the iconic game Snake.

The seemingly indestructible phone, also called ‘brick’ by people around the world, was first launched in 2001 and updated to 6310i a year later. It was taken off the shelves in 2005.

Upgrades to the phone include a large curved colour display with 320×240 pixel definition, offering improved readability and accessibility.  The phone comes in two colours; black and a lemony shade of yellow. It also has a MP3 player and wireless FM radio and the same tough shell that will keep the phone going through a few bumps and falls. The phone also includes a single rear camera.

According to Nokia’s website, the phone is available for £59.99 (Rs 6,000).

The re-launch of the phone was announced earlier this year by Finnish tech giant HMD Global which licences the Nokia brand.

“The Nokia 6310 is a classic reimagined for today’s connected user. Bringing advanced accessibility, optimised ergonomics, and battery for weeks, it honours everything that Nokia phones stand for. And yes – it still has Snake,” an HMD Global spokesperson said.

“With accessibility at its core, the refreshed larger push buttons and ample display make screen time more effortless and enjoyable,” the spokesperson added.

Despite limited options, the phone became one of Nokia’s highest-selling devices. To this day, many use 6310 and 3310 as backup phones due to their durability and super-long battery life.


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